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Send Monica a note.


Greeting Happy New Year's Ms. Monica Mancini,
My name is Earthbeauty Wanda Farmer I'd reach out to you in 2012 to shar
e with you how I felt about your father's work. I wrote to you on Facebo
ok and I said, "Your father's music is sacred". I don't know if you c
an recall the moment but none the least, during which I had enter one of
the greatest contest ever online, Ms. Sarah Vaughan. The contest activate
d my musical creativity and I used three of your father's songs the Pink
Panther, Peter Gunn, and Romeo & Juliette. The Pink Panther instrumental
, I decided to write and add lyrics and also to Romeo & Juliette. I know
Romeo & Juliette have lyrics. I wanted to be creative and write my own ly
rics because of the instrumental sentimental value as a child. I was give
n a ballerina musical box that played to the tune of Romeo & Juliette by
my mother whom is no longer with me so, to make this long story short. Th
e music I chose of your father's was pulled-taken away after the contest
and on cloud. This action did not happen to any
other vocalist contestant and I'm asking you, daughter of one of the g
reatest composers what did I do wrong?

Earthbeauty Wanda Farmer

Wanda Farmer - 01/06/2017

Dearest Monica,

I am a 33 year-old male, overcoming Bi-Polar Disorder, Anxiety, and Chronic Pain. This year has not been an easy journey. It has been quite a roller-coaster ride, but I am grateful for the ride. Your captivating rendition of SENZA FINE, has been my therapeutic outlet. I initially heard the track on a certain motion picture and it somehow spoke to me. I play the track everyday and often on repeat. I wanted to thank you for this and inform you that you have somehow made a positive difference in my life.


Timothy - 11/10/2016

I've would love for our local symphony to perform a Henry Mancini program. Is there a montage, music score, and possibly your voice available? What would be a cost for each? Looking at some fundraising so need a target

Karen - 10/31/2016


I am 78 years of age and have started singing late in life, Mainly for
my own

I have had to find a voice and range that suited me again, as my
previous ability had deserted me.

I find your arrangements sung as a baritone work well for me..:

Moment to Moment,
Anywhere the heart goes,
and many more.

Thank you for the pleasure that you bring to us all.

Kind Regards,


Brian Bennett - 07/08/2016

Several of your vocal renditions are recounted as crucial musical backdrop for scenes in my debut Francesco Ferrari novel, Francesco Ferrari Navigates Fisherman's Wharf, and I surely would love to send you a complimentary copy of the book had I a shipping address, with all my affection and gratitude for all the inspiration; your songs truly set the tone for important moments in the story. Joseph

Joseph Covino Jr - 05/24/2016

Dearest Monica,
I wanted to write to send my love to you and Gregg, and to wish you a very Happy Birthday xoxoxx
I hope your day is beautiful and fun xo
I think of you always and hope I will have the honour of hearing you sing again xo
With all my love,

Allyson - 05/05/2016

In the1960s I was playing drums in our high school under Conrad Gozzo Dir. the famous Conrad's cousin. There i was turned on to your fathers music.I played along with the peter gunn albums for years. just wanted to say how much influence it had on me and wanted to say a simple thanks for all the enjoyment your father has given me.

Roger Limmer - 03/31/2016

Loved your show last time you were in New York. Are you coming back
soon? Would love to know. Big fan. thanks.

Katie Wasser - 03/08/2016

I would like to suggest that you sing the rare thing - a PERFECT song - melody & poetry...Once Upon A Time (the Bennett standard)...your voice would be perfect for it. And I see you haven't stepped foot San Diego Co. yet. Dang...

Sandra Fox - 02/09/2016

Monica, love your voice. looking forward to your new album. any news when it will be released?

kiki richards - 02/03/2016

met you in London last year and really enjoyed your show. are you
coming back soon? please let me know. thanks.

fred parnes

fred parnes - 02/02/2016

Monica, loved your latest album. do you have anything coming up in the
near future. one of your favorite fans.

Su Lang - 02/02/2016

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